Gilmore Girls Revival


Hello everyone, my name is Samantha and I am addicted to Gilmore Girls.

But seriously, when I say addicted, I mean like full blown obsessed. I grew up on this show. I watched it the entire original seven year run and have seen the series several times over since then. I would enter the world of Stars Hollow every Tuesday night with my mom, a tradition that seemed entirely fitting considering the premise of the show. I like to think that Gilmore Girls played a huge part in shaping who I am today. Specifically how much and how fast I talk. You can ask anyone, I talk an absurd amount and usually so fast people assume I’ve drank about five cups of coffee… but jokes on them because I only drink decaf 🙂 Watching the show as an impressionable adolescent, I IDOLIZED Rory Gilmore. She was everything that I aspired to be in life. Because of her I decided that I was going to go to Yale and live in one of those fancy dorm suites and work on the college newspaper! (went to a tiny liberal arts college in the PNW, lived in a tiny, crappy dorm room and majored in psychology & communications but whatever, I was 12 when I made this decision.) My point, is that Rory had it all. She had her life together! She even turned down Logan’s proposal to pursue her dreams of being a journalist. The series ended with Rory going to work on Obama’s presidential campaign, she was proud of herself and where she was going in life.Fast forward to the revival set 10 years later… and I could not have been more disappointed in Rory’s character development.

When the revival starts, Rory is 32 years old and her life is in absolute shambles. She is basically a freelance writer who had one hit story in The New Yorker and then, well and then nothing. She’s “planning” to write a book with a kooky lady in London who was so insignificant of a character I can’t even remember why she was supposed to be important. We come to find out fairly early on that while she is working in London she is also having an affair with an ENGAGED Logan Huntzberger. While Logan is not my most hated of Rory’s boyfriends (sorry Dean) he is definitely not my favorite (#TeamJess forever). WTF Rory, didn’t you learn your lesson way back in season four not to sleep with men who are already spoken for??? Rory moves back to Stars Hollow and decides to take over the dying Stars Hollow Gazette… for no pay. She constantly reiterates how lost she is, how broke she is and how she has no idea what she is doing in life. This is all such a far cry from the Rory I knew and loved in the original series. This storyline makes no sense. If she’s so broke, then how is she able to constantly travel back and forth between London and Stars Hollow? As much as I hated Rory’s character development in the revival, I loved how Jess was the one who encouraged Rory to write the book of her and her mom’s life. The scenes these two had together was very reminiscent of the original series. I also found it interesting that Rory’s character seemed to have regressed in maturity while Jess was seen to have matured into a successful gentleman. I mean Lorelai even likes him now! Big steps forward for Jess Mariano.

And don’t even get me started on “the last four words” of the revival…part of me wants to hate it simply because that part of the storyline just did not match Rory’s character, but the other part totally gets that it was necessary to show how the series had come full circle. They needed to make the point that Rory was always destined to be her mother’s daughter. Rory was pretty much in the same place her mom was when the series first started. Rory’s life was totally mimicking Lorelai’s. Logan, the rich and privileged ass was one hundred percent Rory’s Christopher. And then there’s Jess. Adorable, kind, caring Jess who has always been supportive of Rory and constantly encouraged her to be her best self, who will always carry a silent torch for her, is her Luke. Him gazing lovingly at her through the window in “Fall” was just so cute and so sad at the same time. Jess is who Rory is meant to be with, and she will end up with him eventually if she is destined to follow in her mom’s footsteps.

I’m not quite sure how this rant about Rory turned into a love letter to Jess Mariano, but oh well! Instead of complaining for the rest of this post, I wanted to point out everything I LOVED about the revival:

  • Emily FREAKING Gilmore. Her storyline is absolutely amazing. When she moves to Nantucket and starts working at the whale museum…I cried, it was so heartwarming. Also, she wears jeans. And swears. And basically adopts an entire family.
  • Lorelai & Luke. They were everything that I’d hoped for. While Lorelai’s whole storyline of doing “Wild” was a little out of left field, nothing can beat Luke’s monologue to her when she comes home.
  • PARIS GELLER. If this show needed more of anything, it was more Paris. She is such a genius of a character and made me cry from laughing.
  • Kirk. Enough said.
  • The fact that Gypsy and Berta were both played by the same person is hilarious.
  • All of the Parenthood cameo’s!!! Including Lauren Graham’s real life love Peter Krause aka Adam Braverman aka California Park Ranger #2
  • And course all of the wonderful homages to Edward Herrmann, may he Rest In Peace 

In conclusion, the revival was definitely made for fans of the original series. I’m not sure any of it would make much sense to those who have never seen the original before. And while I definitely had my complaints and questions (Stars Hollow Musical… WHY), I also absolutely adored it at the same time. Also, watching it with my equally obsessed best friend and Mom made it a million times better. Here’s to hoping for more Gilmore Girls in the future, because let’s be honest, I will NEVER get tired of the Gilmore’s.





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