Romantic Contemporaries

In honor of February being the month of love, I thought that I would compile a list of my all time favorite romantic contemporary authors! This tends to be my absolute favorite genre to read, so I had a difficult time narrowing down my list to a top five. TheĀ authors that I ended up choosing … Continue reading Romantic Contemporaries

Book Review: Girl out of Water by Laura Silverman

THIS BOOK. wow, I definitely did not expect to love this book as much as I did. I went into it kind of blind, only knowing that it has been compared to the works of Sarah Dessen, who I absolutely love. The beginning was a bit of a slow start, but picks up fairly quick. … Continue reading Book Review: Girl out of Water by Laura Silverman

The New Riverdale

When I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with Archie Comics. Specifically, the Betty & Veronica issues because duh...? Every time we would go on a trip, my parents would get me an issue or two to read to keep me busy. They grew up reading Archie and passed their love for these comics down … Continue reading The New Riverdale

Recent Reads

Okay, wow. I truly cannot believe that it is already February. This past month has been so crazy busy and exhausting, but I still found time to read (thank God). The Twilight Wife Kyra Winthrop is a talented marine biologist living in the Pacific Northwest when she gets into a terrible diving accident, causing her … Continue reading Recent Reads