Glossier: A New Cult Classic?

In the past year, while attempting to keep up with current  beauty and fashion trends (note the word *attempt*) and have noticed the brand Glossier taking the beauty industry by storm. Known for their minimalist approach and clean aesthetic design, Glossier prides themselves in putting skincare first and makeup second, even keeping their makeup options down to just the bare basics. Sheer matte lip color, cream blush, concealer and the cult classic Boy Brow eye brow gel.


The second this brand caught my eye with its adorable packaging and marketing spreads, I knew that I wanted to try out some of their products, but I just didn’t know what. Since I already have a pretty regimented skincare routine (saving that for another post), I knew that I did not want to mess with that at the moment. So after much research I decided on their Balm Dotcom. You can get three for $30 or a single one for $12 each. I decided to go with the three for $30 because I figured each “flavor” had its own purpose; and I was right. After much deliberating back and forth over which ones I wanted to try out, I went with Birthday, Cherry and Rose. Honestly, I initially just picked Birthday because of its cute holographic packaging because I am a total sucker for anything glitter and shiny. Birthday Balm Dotcom has a pearly consistency with some effervescent, sparkly tones and smells EXACTLY like birthday cake. Rose Balm Dotcom has just the slightest light pink tint to it and smells like….roses! (weird, right??) My favorite of the three that I got is Cherry Balm Dotcom. This one has a deep red tint and smells like cherry Chapstick. I find this balm to be perfect for just giving my lips a bit of natural color, almost like I just ate a red Popsicle. The best part about all of these balms is the fact that they actually work. With a lot of lip balms that smell as amazing as these do, I’ve found that they can actually dry my lips out even worse, but not these. Ever since I started swiping one of these on daily, I have noticed a HUGE change in my lips and their usual chapped, dryness has completely disappeared. Apparently this formula can be used on any dry area, kind of like Vaseline, but I don’t really want to be splattering glitter, colored balm all over my hands and face. I’m pretty sure that is where the Original Balm Dotcom might come in handy! Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with Glossier and can’t wait to try more of their products.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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