Vlogger’s to Watch

Do you ever just feel like you’re not in the mood to read a book and want to watch something, but really don’t want to commit to starting a TV show or movie? Well, that’s me quite often. And that is EXACTLY what Youtube is for! If you aren’t familiar with Youtube, then you might as well be Patrick Star…(living under a rock…ha get it?? yeah I know I’m not funny) YT videos are great because they are rarely ever over 15 minutes. Most that I watch fall into the 5-12 minute category. Youtube has definitely evolved over the years since it first started. No longer is it “Charlie Bit Me” and “Candy Mountain” videos. Now, the hot Youtube trend is vlogging, or video blogging if you will. For some reason, we (myself included) get absolute enjoyment out of watching these complete strangers filming themselves throughout the day and then posting their lives for all to see on the internet. Seriously, such a strange concept, but I love it. I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite vloggers that I like to watch on a regular basis. Here we go (and in no particular order)!

number one Jill CimorelliJill

One of the reason’s I love Jill’s videos is because of how much I can relate to her. She is around my age (23/24ish) and has such a genuinely bubbly personality. Jill lives in a house with three dudes, including her BFF’s boyfriend and her cat Molly, so shes basically and IRL version of Jessica Day aka my favorite TV character of all time.

number two Tara Massicottetara

Tara is actually Jill’s best friend, who’s boyfriend is Taylor aka Jill’s roommate. I absolutely adore Tara’s sense of style, both in fashion/beauty and home decor. Her videos typically consist of quality time  with Jill and Taylor (both together and separate) and showing viewers really awesome places to see and eat at in LA. Tara also just launched her own blog, which I am also a huge fan of.

number three David Dobrik (+crew)-david

THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS. Originally gaining an audience from Vine (RIP), he is a 20 year old multi-millionaire, the originator of sketch style comedy vlogs and has a somewhat sadistic sense of humor, shown through pranks on his friends that typically involve dangerous live animals. He posts every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 4pm PST and his vlogs are all exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. Pretty much everyone in David’s friend group also vlogs, and they are all equally hilarious, especially Jason Nash. Also, he somehow managed to become bff’s with Josh Peck (Drake & Josh!!!) so expect quite a few guest appearances from him and other random celebs.

number four Monica Church-monica

Not gonna lie, one of my main reasons for watching and loving Monica’s videos is because she too is a Pacific Northwest girl. Monica splits her time between Seattle, WA and LA, along with her twin sister, Shelby. I really admire the fact that Monica is extremely driven and in addition to creating content for her own channel, she is the producer of at least three other Youtuber’s channels. She is a former diver and gymnast, so a few of her other channels she works with focus on those sports. Monica has one of the best and most unique editing styles that can make even the most mundane everyday content exciting to watch.



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