Where I Buy Books

What a lame post title, right?? But I honestly could not figure out how else to title it, when this post is literally all about where I buy my books. I am constantly getting asked how I can afford all of the books I buy. I think that it’s pretty typical when imagining a bookstore to automatically think of Barnes & Noble. And for the longest time, that was really the only “bookstore” I knew of, but lets be real here: why buy a book for list price at Barnes & Noble when there are so many other places to get books for a discounted price. That’s right folks, I rarely, if ever, actually pay full price for my books. So, I thought I would compile a little list of my favorite places and websites to get great deals on books!


Book Outlet– you guys, this website is a godsend. They have a plethora of different titles and are always getting new ones in stock. I can’t even tell you how many books I’ve purchased from them for under $3. They have everything from new releases to classics. The only downside is that shipping is not free, BUT it is fairly quick.


Target– This might seem a bit out of place, but Target actually has a great selection of books, especially new release titles. And the best part is that pretty much everything in stock is 20-30% off list price. Check out their app Cartwheel, too, as they regularly have books on there offering even more of a discount on top of that 20-30%.

book depository.png

Book Depository– This website is based in the UK and Australia and has a MASSIVE selection of books. I am a huge fan of paperbacks over hardcovers, as they are much easier to tote around, and for some reason a lot of books released in only hardcover in the US are released in both hardcover AND paperback in the UK (which paperbacks are cheaper so that’s a major plus). In addition to offering all different sorts of editions with varying prices, most of the books are discounted as well. The best part of Book Depository, though? FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. I’m actually an affiliate for them, so if you use my link above, I do get a small commission for each book purchased. amazonAmazon– I don’t think it’s any secret that Amazon has phenomenal prices on books, especially if you are an Amazon Prime member (if you’re not, you totally should be, discounts on items and free two day shipping. It totally pays for itself in savings. Also not sponsored, I just love Prime). I am fortunate enough to live in one of the areas that actually has a brick-and-mortar Amazon bookstore, which is just as amazing as it sounds. They have the exact same amazing prices in store as they do online. Fortunately, they are ever-expanding and are planning on opening more stores across the country. Currently, there are only stores in Seattle, Portland and La Jolla, but I believe they are working on stores to be opened in NYC, Boston and Chicago.


Powell’s– I am lucky enough to live in the city where “the city of books” was founded. Powell’s is a world renowned bookstore in Portland, with its flagship store downtown and smaller shops scattered across the Portland-metro area. Powell’s is great because they are ALWAYS having sales on books and they have an insane selection of used books to choose from, so it is incredibly easy to find great titles at a discounted price.


*Honorable Mention goes to Costco- if you have a membership, definitely check out their book selection. It can be hit or miss, but I have been able to score some awesome books for pretty cheap.*


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