LA Lovin Pt. 1

Recently, my boyfriend and I took a little vacation down to Los Angeles. Both of us had been there before, but more so just passing through on the way to other destinations like San Diego (I have family there). We have a couple college friends who live in the LA area, we are able to find a fantastic deal on a Mid City Airbnb, and cheap flights into LAX from PDX. All those details combined led to us committing to a mid November escape to Southern California! It was a quick trip, only Wednesday through Sunday, but honestly that was plenty of time.

When we flew in Wednesday, we checked into our Airbnb and ventured over to The Grove to check out the Christmas decorations that had just gone up. After the Grove, we decided to check out a coffee shop and tea room that were highly recommended to us by quite a few locals. The coffee shop is called Alfred Coffee + Kitchen and the tea shop is across the street and also owned by Alfred. We went to the Alfred Tea Room first and I got a delicious iced spiced Chamomile tea. The tea room is just that, a small room, with the only seating being right outside in a little courtyard. It’s very cute and totally picturesque. I got my tea and we meandered across the street to the coffee shop. Derek ordered his coffee and as we were sitting there waiting for it to come up, I noticed a sign that said “We proudly serve Stumptown Coffee Roasters”, which made me laugh seeing as I’m from Portland where Stumptown originated. No wonder it was highly recommended among locals! We love it in PDX, too!

Later that evening, we walked to a little tequila/taco bar called Candela’s. Every Wednesday is $1 tacos and they have happy hour everyday. I have to say, this was hands down the BEST Mexican food that I have ever had. Derek and I ordered six total tacos, a huge plate of nachos and two margaritas, all of that totaling only $23!!! Including tax!!! If you are ever in LA, I highly recommend checking out Candela’s off of La Brea. 

On Thursday, we got up early and made our way over to Universal Studios. The main reason we went to Universal was to check out the new Harry Potter world. I am a SERIOUS Harry Potter fanatic so I was in absolute heaven. Everything about the recreated Hogsmeade village and Hogwarts castle was just perfect. I also have to brag and say that we were the first two people on the HP ride that day, and wow was that ride something else. I did end up a little dizzy, but all in all so worth it. Unfortunately, I can’t say I was as impressed with the rest of Universal. A few of the better rides were closed down or were opening way later in the day. A lot of the rides rely heavily on 3D, so if that is something you don’t respond well to, like myself, then I would say that the park is really not worth the $100 something price tag. 

On Thursday evening, we trekked into downtown LA to meet my old college roommate for dinner. We met her for happy hour at Border Grill and then walked over to Bottega Louie and oh my goodness was that place heaven. I’m gluten-intolerant so I’m a HUGE fan of macarons, as they are made with almond flour. The inside of the restaurant was so cute and bright and all of the desserts looked fantastic. I ended up getting five macarons to go (bananas foster, rose, earl grey, birthday cake and pistachio).

As you can see, we packed a lot into our first two days in LA. This post is already a lot longer than I intended, so I’m going to include the rest of the trip in my next post. Stay tuned!



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