Happy Fall Ya’ll

Fall is by far my favorite season. The funny thing, though, is that I really couldn’t tell you why exactly. Maybe it’s the fashion (hellooo boots and scarves), or maybe it’s the change in weather; feeling the cool, brisk air on my face in the early mornings. Maybe it’s the fact that fall reminds me of Gilmore Girls and Stars Hollow, and Gilmore Girls reminds me of cozying up with some tea and a heated blanket and singing along to the catchy theme song with my mom. Maybe it’s because I love halloween so much. I love the costumes, the parties, haunted houses and pumpkin patches. Maybe it’s because it’s Honeycrisp apple season and those are my absolute favorite. Or, maybe it’s all of those things wrapped into one, big, fuzzy ball of happiness. This is an outfit that is pretty much a standard for me in the fall time. It’s warm, cozy and comfortable.


photography by: Kiara Green

Jacket- Columbia Sportswear// Felt Hat-Target// Denim- American Eagle// Top- Old Navy (old)// Booties- Sam Edelman (on sale!!!)// Necklace- Forever 21// Lipstick-MAC// Mascara- L’Oreal// Brows- Anastasia Beverly Hills// Eyes-Tarte

I’ve been toying around with the idea of a blog for ages, but have been too nervous to actually do something about it. But, I decided I need to stop being an “idea girl” and actually follow through, especially on things that I know I’ll enjoy. I’ve been an avid blog reader for years and I think that might have actually been a contributing factor as to why I’ve put off making this blog. I see all these fantastic bloggers like Carly from The College Prepster or Sarah from Classy Girls Wear Pearls, and I immediately think “wow, their blog is perfect. I could never do that. I only want to blog if I can be as good at it as them.” But honestly, that is an awful way of thinking. I finally took a step back and remembered that they probably knew NOTHING about blogging when they first started, they probably had the same thoughts in their heads. I know blogging takes practice, and practice makes perfect (or pretty dang close to it). So, here I am, diving head first into the deep end of the blogging world! Wish me luck!




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